Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All in all

I'd rather be at the beach

Sophia Loren, 1959. via

The view up the stairs

Ilustración decoración via Alvaro Tapia via

The Mussel Seller ,Nieuwmarkt in Rotterdam at evening -  Marius Ritchers,1910-15
Dutch, 1878-1955 Oil on canvas, 32,5 x 21,4 cm.  via

Art  by David Miller via

With a name like Geraldine's Taco Titty City....

You know it's GOT to be good.

Quality check.


Big Don?

William Woodhouse (1857-1939) - Two paintings of racing pigeons, oil on panel, both 27,3 x 34,9 cm.  via

The view of the canyon.

Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee

Eyes on You. by Amizyo Hairie on 500px via

Have you been to the gym today?
National Sasquatch Preservation Fund


Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


Nick Ayler
photography: Richard Gerst

Running through my head.

That old devil moon

Monday, January 30, 2017

So how's your Monday going?

Have you been to the gym today?

And have you taken your selfie?

Sic transit gloria mundi. “Wordly things are fleeting.”
Mario Brandalise : 01/2017 via

Vincent Price en “El Castillo de Dragonwyck” (Dragonwyck), 1946 via

Totem pole.

Running through my head

For several days now.  I've caught myself singing it in the shower at the gym much to the dismay of others I'm sure.

“did you never call, waited for your call”
greenwich village, nyc.
(Fuji X-T1) via

Hot or cold

I'd rather be at the beach.

Or the desert...

I'm not sure what Kipling work this is illustrating, , but I am reminded more of Lovecraft.