Tuesday, May 31, 2011

High School, Freshman year..

Fashions for June!


Don't knock it.

Is anyone still on friendster?????

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Target weight achieved,(partially)

I hit 180lbs on the scales this weekend.  That's a month of added calories, extra carbs, no cardio and  failure sets..  Next week begins a cutting phase hopefully to see how much of the weight is actually new lean muscle buried under the fat gained along the way.


You can never have too many!


It's been a little too true in my world lately.  Just sayin'.

Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial day and most folks spent it at the beach, barbecuing , rioting or a combination of all three.  I spent my day gardening thinking of all the past yards and barbecues I attended with friends and family..  Most of the folks I spent them with are indeed gone and would require a visit to a cemetery as Memorial day dictates to actually "visit" them, or more specifically their remains.  I prefer to think of them which in some cases I do so daily remembering those who helped raise me or got me over and saw me through. More than anything else I wish I could say thank you.  I'd like to revisit but the last act or Our Town has always frightened me so.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Thornburg sisters

Mark once more

Serving up comfort two ways!

 Which is best for you?


Not to be confused with:

Although, we've never seen them together at the same time.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Early influence

It was one of my high school English teachers, Mr. Millman,  who first introduced me to Willa Cather. Her story Paul's Case was in the Norton Anthology we were studying that year.  Reading it set a slow incendiary burn into my psyche.  It was the perfect combination of  a "misunderstood" teenager stumbling upon one of the great literary gems done in the man against environment theme.  It helped to build and solidify the bonfire of attitude(platitude, in hindsight) that colored my teenage angst.  I re-read it almost weekly for a year or so, ensuring that whenever the gloom was breaking I could bring it right back. 

From Paul's Case I went on to read all of Willa Cather's output.  She led me to Edith Wharton who led me David Graham Phillips and Henry James.  They've molded me into who I am today..  Sometimes I wish I could go back and thank Mr. Millman.

 "Paul's Case", Water color by Yan Nascimbene

Oh Rob!

Don't delay!

Order before supplies run out!


How much drama CAN you take????

Quiet places

Former City Methodist Church, Gary, Indiana
Reading room, Camden Free Library, New Jersey

Which one are you?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I had been bitching and moaning about my life earlier this morning.

  July 1940. Berrien County, Michigan. "Migrant woman from Arkansas in roadside camp of cherry pickers." 
35mm nitrate negative by John Vachon.
 Lesson learned.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 Ms. Vance to you!

Robert Redux

For Jason, since he asked.

My best side.

Since I a) work for cheap and b) was around that day,
I was asked to pose for a photo to use in our new header.

Oh Arlene!

 "Emotion needs lotion"?

Life stories. YOU decide!

Striped shirt, far right end of sofa, where is he now?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't ask, Don't tell...

“I am what the librarians have made me with a little assistance from a professor of Greek and a few poets” - Bernard Keble Sandwell

"We need librarians more than we ever did. What we don't need are mere clerks who guard dead paper. Librarians are too important to be a dwindling voice in our culture. For the right librarian, this is the chance of a lifetime."
- Seth Godin

And while we're on the subject of dream appliances...

Man, I so want one!

Same color, same kitchen, same skirt.

Inquiring Minds want to know....

Which stars do you want to see in "candid" poses?

"I cannot live without books." - Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president of US

Feb. 1, 1941. "Brooklyn Public Library (Ingersoll Memorial), Prospect Park Plaza. Librarian's desk, sharp view." 5x7 acetate by Samuel Gottscho via: SHORPY.

If someone suggested the idea of public libraries now, they’d be considered insane. If you said you were going to take a little bit of money from every taxpayer, buy a whole load of books and music and games, stick them on a shelf and tell everyone, ‘These are yours to borrow and all you’ve got to do is bring them back,’ they’d be laughed out of government.
Peter Collins, The Secret Life of Libraries

Maybe your standards are too high!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tonight's film.


Best stock up!

Daddy Duke

Goodbye Sarah Jane

Elisabeth Sladen
1946 - 2011

I know it makes me a nerd, growing up I was a BIG fan of the old Doctor who series(and currently of the new one) and my absolute favorite companion was Sarah Jane smith.  Alas I just found out she passed away.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dating advice.

Which one works for you?