Friday, February 28, 2014

You can't argue against facts.

 “You will have a very hard time competing against a white homosexual male,” he warned black women everywhere.  “He’s usually got money. A white homo usually has an American Express card, he usually has an opportunity at the theater. Homos love the theater. They love to go out to dinner, parties. They love that kind of a thing. And as a black woman, you can’t compete!”


President Obama Sending ‘White Homo Demons’ To ‘Scoop Up’ Black Men, Says New York Pastor (Video)

MAN! If I had a dollar for every time I said....

from Weird Adventure #10 (1951) by Alex Kotzky

Is that a spiral staircase I see?

While pondering the impossibility of fitting two decks below I never noticed the rarely seen additional space and equipment seen here, above the first deck.

Eileen takes to the sauce

Hello! Edward

Ida Lupino, 1944 (the inscription is from 40 years later)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yes please!

Mint-condition 1940s kitchen a true labor of love

Thanks to Norma for showing me this story, made all the more fascinating since the company was an actual Mom & Pop start up!

There's food around the corner!

Happy Birthday

John Steinbeck, (February 27, 1902 – December 20, 1968)

The view from the bottom.

I believe this is the staircase used in the Exorcist

Planet of the mops.

That’s one mean looking mop. 


"Butch business consultant, brad Stewart, on assignment at a fashion firm, is wooed by light-in-his-loafers fashion designer, Johhnie Dallance.  But Ronnie Grimes, the roughed and lipsticked queen bee of the  firm, is determiend to keep Dallance in his hive of male drones.  When  luscious Pam Vincent tries to seduce Brad too, it's anybody's guess which way he'll turn!" - Back Cover

Pretty much every Aunt I've ever heard of..

Speaking of names, does anyone ever name their child Moe anymore?

Good ol' #5999, makes you wonder who was 6000!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So. Several Chickens gave their lives for no reason yesterday.

It seems a class of third term students failed a chicken practical(i.e. cook and plate chicken dishes to be graded on both taste and appearance) yesterday. For some reason I am finding it very annoying.  They had two hours to prepare and present, a roast chicken, a grilled chicken, lentils and greens.  A basic dinner that I could have pumped out in an hour:

Put water on to boil
Season & truss chicken. Roast
Quarter/butterfly & season chicken. Grill
Wash greens, prepare as salad or steam.
Watch T.V while sipping cocktails for the remaining hour and a quarter hour before dinner.

Let me emphasize that this was in professional level classroom kitchen focused solely on the assigned dishes at hand.  NOT the restaurant kitchen these students are attempting to gain employment in, where the meals would have to be pumped out in under 25 minutes while further orders came in and the waitstaff fought with the kitchen staff and vice versa.


Never trust a man who can't look you in the eye.

shifty-eyed beef-cake


Which one are you?

Refined understatement

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'll admit to always having a soft spot for K.T. Oslin

Come Next Monday was the first country album I'd ever purchased.





Watching this (and fearing broken ankles with each loop) I can’t helping thinking about that old quote Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels.

But no, if you watch closely you’ll see she doesn’t even step on the last chair. That means she had to trust that fucker to lift her gently to the ground while he was spinning down onto that chair. That takes major guts. I’d be pissing myself and fearing a broken neck if I were in her place. Kudos to her. 

a round of applause for fred astaire’s upper body strength to keep her in the air and for ginger rogers’s guts because holy crap

she had to trust that fucker

…and as I like to remind everyone…BACKWARDS AND IN HEELS!

I am oddly drawn to it

But I can guarantee crashing into that open drawer on a daily basis with my clumsy self

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rest in Peace

How my mind works

Sermo, the larges online community, exclusive to physicians has offices in our building.  Every morning I enter the building and get on the elevator in a caffeine  deprived haze.  everyone morning my eyes rest on the  elevator directory listing:  Sermo  4.

From there I my mind immediately wanders (WITHOUT FAIL) Groucho! Harpo! Chico! Zeppo! Sermo!

Why go anywhere else?


DRACULA (1931) publicity give away
DRACULA (1931) publicity give away