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Sound Advice!

And lest we forget the need to educate!

Teen’s parents: After suicide, he’s still being bullied

At school dance after his wake, they allege, chants of ‘We’re glad you’re dead’

TODAY’s Ann Curry sits down with the parents of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, whose recent suicide has gained attention from around the world — and from Lady Gaga

Teen’s parents: After suicide, he’s still being bullied

At last!

Supporting the "It Get's better" Project.  Order here.

I like honesty in a man.

"Pick-a-little/Goodnight Ladies

Do you hate men?

 I can't deny I've had my issues with the little weasels....

Been there

 Well worth visiting.

At opposite ends of the universe

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Oh dear!

 Never what you want to wake up to, unless you're into that sort of thing....

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Christ., another heartbreaking story

Gay Buffalo Teen Kills Himself After Years of Bullying: VIDEO

Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14-year-old gay teen from the Buffalo, NY area, killed himself last weekend after what his parents say was years of bullying, WIVB reports:
Soon after coming home from a family camping trip, Jamey was found dead Sunday. His parents say he was always under pressure because of struggles with his sexuality. Jamey’s mother Tracy Rodemeyer said, "So he hung around with the girls a lot, so then the teasing started happening like 'Oh you're such a girl or you're gay or whatever and that bothered him for many years."
Jamey’s father Tim Rodemeyer said, "To the kids who are bullying they have to realize that words are very powerful and what you think is just fun and games isn't to some people, and you are destroying a lot of lives."
Buffalo News adds:
On Saturday night, he posted a lyric from Lady Gaga's song "The Queen" on his Facebook page: "Don't forget me when I come crying to heaven's door."

Then around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Jamey posted two final messages to his main public Tumblr blog. One said he really wanted to see his great-grandmother, who had recently died, and one offered thanks to Lady Gaga.

That was his last entry.
Jamey was very active online, with a Tumblr blog, and YouTube account. He "routinely blogged about school bullying and thoughts of suicide in between upbeat posts about his pop star idol Lady Gaga" and posted to his followers about National Suicide Prevention Week, the paper adds.
He even recorded an 'It Gets Better' video.
Watch Jamey's heartbreaking video, and a news report, AFTER THE JUMP...
WIVB report:

The Gay and Lesbian Youth Services of Western New York can be reached at 855-0221 or .
There are also national places to turn to for help. They are all free and confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Trevor Project
24/7 Suicide Hotline for GLBTQI Youth
USA National Suicide Prevention Hotline
24/7, Free & Confidential

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Now I want to be kissed by Kurt!

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"effeminately rubbing elbows”????
A Catholic woman from Massachusetts says she is so disgusted by gay people that she fears leaving her house. Stacy Trasancos, a stay-at-home mother of seven children, detailed her extreme homophobia on her blog,
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One could say they already had met....

Stroked You in The Shower - m4m - 52 (Woburn/TF Gym)

Date: 2011-09-07, 8:51AM EDT
Reply to:

You were hot and it was great to stroke your soapy cock in the shower. Let's meet.

  • Location: Woburn/TF Gym
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Oh and best beware in the Woburn/TF Gym, Apparently

Science fair!

I came across this pic while illustrating a Library App for Designing Instruction: Science. and love everything about it!

The real reason I go swimming every day...

Currently running through my head.

Are there any other kind????

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YOU figure it out.


Owning a dog.

 Is it for you?

Sassy! Classy! Velvety!

"Can be worn several times before you discard it"

We went for a walk on Saturday.

Farmer's walk


Please no boys..

Truthfully, I'm a sucker for "exciting things"

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Someone needs to brush up on their vocabulary words

They're using the words "Hunk" and "Stunner" a little too loosely

Miss Miller

  In blonde.

Ann Miller 1944 “Eadie Was A Lady” Photo by Joe Walters


We've never seen "Heartbreak Harry" and Ed "Kookie" Byrnes together at the same time.  Just saying...

Vegas baby!

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 Get some while you can.