Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Lost Tribe

How long, how long must I regret?
I never found my people yet;
I go about, but cannot find
The blood-relations of the mind

Through my little sphere I range,
And though I wither do not change;
Must not change a jot, lest they
Should not know me on my way.

Sometimes I think when I am dead
They will come about my bed,
For my people well do know
When to come and when to go.

I know not why I am alone,
Nor where my wandering tribe is gone,
But be they few, or be they far,
Would I were where my people are!"
Ruth Pitter

Space Age Living

For a good deal of my youth this WAS my dream home.

First dose

I've been laid up for a week now with bulging discs impacting a nerve. Tomorrow is my first visit to what my hospital calls "The Pain Clinic" to see about getting a steroid shot. I am hoping for a) relief from pain and b) a few side benefits, after all, they 'll be medical grade steroids....

It's a plan....

And here I've been wasting time on working out and grooming!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

(RE)Making Mildred Pierce (HBO)

It appears that the miniseries remake is following the novel(a read I HIGHLY recommend) in every last fine detail.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's my Umpteenth Time Watching Mildred Pierce

And I couldn't help but ponder how nice it would be if I were rich enough to buy a husband, until I realized that I already had and it ended as miserably as Mildred's marriage. Alas.

Martha Raye

Always a good idea!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inquiring minds want to know.....

In 1973 where and what sort of house were you living in, as children of tomorrow?

We grew up here in East Boston:

In a common to Boston, architectural gem known as a "three decker"

No central control panel, no electric heat(in New England? Thank GOD! That stuff is EXPENSIVE!), no tanning lights just lots of relatives, both upstairs and down, little privacy and lots of fun.

New roses ordered for Spring!

Cardinal de Richelieu

Pompon Blanc Parfait

Variegata di Bologna



For ayeM8y

1020 Palm Dr, Cocoa Beach, FL

WITH guest residence:

Monday, March 21, 2011

A little eye candy for Monday

A little retro for a gloomy Monday. Sadly gone much too soon, Jon-Eric Hexum, born November 5, 1957, male model and actor died October 18, 1984 as a result of a a fire arms accident while filming on the set of his last television series Cover Up

The log cabin club

Pain medication dreams

I dreamt last night that I knew Alice Walker, apparently well enough to call her her (personal number no less!)and ask her if I could write her authorized biography. She was more than happy to comply provided she could review my writing style and thus asked for copies of my previously published work Alas apparently I was a bit of fraud in the literary world, despite actually possessing in real life a B.F.A. in Writing, and did not have any published material. Of course this didn't stop me, and I proceed to set up a meeting

At the meeting Alice Walker who is pictured here:

Was played by Shelley Hack, pictured here:

NOTE the resemblance....

Miss Walker/Hack also brought with her a certain bouncer:
whom I actually do know in real life. Our last meeting went something like this. I inferred that he was less than brilliant and he inferred that I should leave his establishment and never return. Fortunately we were on much better footing this time. In fact, upon discovering that I was suffering from a sore back, Mr. Bouncer offered to give me a back rub. An offer I took him up on, REPEATEDLY. Until the alarm woke me up.

Where is she now?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A quick quote from Norma

and now I've got this song running through by head.


Stop talkin' bout he-men like that!

Karen, calm down!

It's just a record.

MOSTLY Pretty Girls!

And thirty five of them, at that!
Although, what's going on with the footwear on stage right?

Dear Followers

I may not have mentioned it, But I do appreciate it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Guns AND open-toed shoes!

Dateline: 1950's: Packing Mamas Round Up Marauders.

Viers Mill Village -- Pistol-packing mamas of Viers Mill Village, a Washington D.C., suburb, terrorized by night marauders for 3 weeks, rounded up four men in gun-fire studded chase early today. Wielding rifles, pistols, knives and baseball bats, the aroused housewives had the intruders begging for mercy when police reached the battlefield. Shown are Mrs. Mary Schultz, holding a .45; Mrs. Doris Young, carrying a butcher knife; Mrs. Martha Newell with a rifle, and Mrs. Warren Leigh, wielding a baseball bat.

Today's first reference email!

I'm writing this mail with tears in my eye. I came to London,United Kingdom on a Seminar, unfortunately I got mugged at the park of the hotel I lodged, all my cash,credit card and telephone were stolen from me but luckily for me I still have my travel passports with me.

I have contacted the Embassy via e-mail and the Police are not helping issues at all. They told me to wait for 2-3weeks before any help can be done. Besides,my return flight leaves in 3hrs from now. Also, I have problem settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let us leave until I settled my bill.

So I was actually felling quite concerned for MR Gary Weiner who had written to our reference deparment's email help until I read his last line! Unless I'm figuring this wrong not being allowed until your bill is paid equates to not being allowed to vacate until your bill is paid! HAZAH! Free room and board in London! And here I was worrying about how to make my mortgage payment or afford a vacation getaway this spring! Suddenly both problems solved in one fell swoop!