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Thursday, May 26, 2016


Yes please.


Fashion photo by George Platt Lynes for the Bergdorf Goodman department store, New York, 1939

Slack facts.

Slacks Facts, Esquire, May 1955

Fact:  I own way to many pants.  Well over a 120 pair.  Years of bulking and cutting have required a multi-waist sized wardrobe over the past decade. Currently winnowing down to keeping my 29/30 inch  waist sizes and allowing myself to bulk no larger than 32/33 inch waist in future years. 

Anyone now any body builders in need of a bulking wardrobe?  I have several pairs of 33 to 36 inch waist sizes barely worn.

Yes Please

Superman Glass circa 1978,  I'd like a set of 8 for cocktail parties.

Original Art - Our Love Story #017 Pg 01 (1972) by Ross Andru And Jack Abel.

Yes please


to both the automatic home laundry and the print.

How I'd prefer to go to work

And the view I'd prefer to see.

by Garry Winogrand

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Today's manmuffin

Concrete by Paul Chadwick
1913 knox fall hats

Stories from The Arabian Nights, retold by Laurence Housman with drawings by Edmund Dulac, c.1920s-1930s

The view across the middle


The Mole People (1956)


Mr. Savalas to you.



Telly Monster if you want to get formal.

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