Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Creative control

So long as we're forced to lay around recovering

I'd like a little more say as to location

and view.

I do so enjoy a free treastise!

le hully gully

Our Patron Saint.

Keely Smith

It happens!

Oh if only  I could get some of those kisses back!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As long as I'm recovering..

through in a chaise lounge (architecturally appropriate of course)
 and a butler (suitably uniformed)

And I'd be  a happy boy!

I know several folk who wouldn't complain.

Sing For Your Supper

Bar Broad

Taproom Tramp 
Drink house Doxy
Watering hole Wench
Drinkery Dame
Booze Joint Bimbo

Monday, July 25, 2011

One day away and I'm really missing the gym

Laid up!

Alrighty, So I spent yesterday morning debating an extra jaunt to the gym, finally deciding to ignore the little voice that said "rest" and away I went to work out.  All was well and fine until the the return trip home.  my bike had a little disagreement with the road resulting in a damaged & stitched knee hand lacerations and a damaged bike helmet (thankfully, otherwise it would have been my head)  

All this means I'm laid up for a week or so until the stitches on the knee joint heal properly.  No bike riding, cardio, swimming or bending my knee allowed.  Might as well tell me not to breathe or eat. while your at it

Of course, with no such company as above.I'm already at my wits end three hours into my first day.  Feel free to send some beef around kind readers!

Send THE MAN OF YOUR LIFE in plain wrapper, if not delighted, I may return it in 10 days for refund.

Would that it were that easy! 
"Whether he’s a casual date or top guy"

But every morning there it is!

 Gay Pretense.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Difficult Days"

PLUS "intimate facts"!


BP Spills 2,100 to 4,200 Gallons of Oil in Arctic Tundra: "This Saturday, BP put another notch in its prodigious polluter belt: A toxic brew of methanol and crude oil spilling across Alaska’s North Slope tundra. Reuters reports: BP said on Monday that a pipeline at its 30,000 barrel per day Lisburne field, which is currently closed for maintenance, ruptured during testing and spilled a mixture [...]"

Why is BP still allowed to even touch oil???????

Monday, July 18, 2011

Currently running through my head.

Go ahead take your pick!

 PringleFurniture Co., Detroit, Michigan, circa 1912.. Showroom
A little on the warehouse side for a sales display,  but still I'll take the compartment desk, umbrella stand, fluted pedestal and any one for the flip top tables.

Who couldn't use a little more encouragment?

Write for your "free illustrated-treatise-showing-the-parts-of the-male-system-involved" today!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The World In Which We Live


I spent this weekend traveling to Portland, ME for a wedding.  Any travel of any kind requires that I bring and read my copy of My Mortal Enemy, by Willa Cather, one of my  particularly  favorite authors, as I've mentioned before.

Washington Square Park, New York City, 1924, left to right: S. S. McClure, Willa Cather, Ida Tarbell, and Will Irvin.

My Mortal enemy is one of her lesser known novellas, at 122 tight pages it reads more like a well crafted longer short story, immensely suited for short plane, bus or train trips.  Agreeably readable and enigmatically fathomable it can be entertainingly  read on both journeys to and from destinations.  Not until recently did I discover the equally fascinating history to the story which makes for more than enough drama on it's own before Cather so deftly took her hand to it.

It's a book I have to hide on my shelves, should I come upon it while dusting I am compelled to open and read it .And is most probably the source of  why I've never been fond of carved amethysts.

Find yourself a copy (I prefer the hardcover illustrated edition) and let me know what you think!

The great unsung

Poppy Wilde.  Thirty films in under ten years, not one credit.  Great hair though!

Man, I would so NOT Mind receiving Item 4-D as a gift!

I need a good stepping stool!

Boys....How to meet them!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cabana wear!

So which vamp are you?Naughty Sweetheart, Saintly Sinner, Eye-Catcher or Tropic Torch?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The phrase does beg for a joke to be folded round it.

Gym to work wear

 Providing you don't mind doing cardio in a wool one piece, with collar & tie.  
And is it just me or did activating the suit turn him into a young Richard Milhous Nixon?

I was just asking myself the same thing...

Owning a dog.

  Is it for you?