Thursday, January 30, 2014

Returning to work today

Finally limber enough to put on socks!



For a moment I couldn't figure out what the hell that spectre was floating up top!

Mob molls!


Actress Alice Granville shows off two bullet holes in her arm after she was shot by her hitman husband.  The mob moll said that her husband shot her at a nightclub party to “prove his affection,” 1931 (via)

Actress Alice Granville shows off two bullet holes in her arm after she was shot by her hitman husband.  The mob moll said that her husband shot her at a nightclub party to “prove his affection,” 1931 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Running through my head

Truth be told, I am not even fond of the city.  In  fact I spent a horrible depressing vacation there.  But at the moment I am mixing painkillers and cognac and they are having a very mellow effect.

And furthermore

It's been three days and my back is still out.

I only WISH I could move as easily as this.


And full moon

Just so you don't feel cheated

Grocery run


Did you go to the grocery and not tell me, Collin?

i had a tough choice to make.  bananas are both insertable AND delicious.

I actually do need bananas

Lawrence branches out

Via Jeffrey Jon Pidgeon 
Lawrence Welk comics. Let me repeat that: Lawrence. Welk. Comics.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rest in Peace

Corn fed

that’s the smile of a guy who rarely hears no :)


GENERAL MILLS :: Breakfast Squares - ' Powerful little goodies ! ' ; Save 10¢ (( 1974 ))

Fake food

Part Deux

Although Disney would have you believe that 102 Dalmatians is the squeal to Dodie Smith's book 101 Dalmatians,  Miss Smith had other ideas.  I remember reading The Starlight Barking in my childhood and it has forever haunted my memory.  Dogs floating, or swooshing, over the planet?  A visit from an alien dog or dog god?  I have very fond memories of reading the first book contentedly ensconced in the arm chair in my Aunts Kitchen (my favorite spot to read as a child) it was more of an adventure novel like one of my other childhood favorites Escape from Witch Mountain.  The sequel however gave me much more cosmic ideas to think about.

A day of enchantments for the Dalmatians of the first book begins when the Dalmatians wake up and find all the humans and other animals in an unnaturally deep sleep. They hear the barking of Cadpig, carrying all the way from London, where she has become the Prime Minister's pet. She informs them reports from all over the country reveal the same phenomenon, and summons delegate dogs to London. They travel to London by "swooshing", described as gliding just off the ground.

Pongo and Missus decide to investigate Cruella de Vil to see if she's behind the mysterious events. Joined by Tommy and the white Persian cat, who are "honorary dogs", and a few dogs, they arrive at her house, where the doors magically open for them. However, they find her fast asleep like all the other humans on earth. The dogs then travel to Trafalgar Square where they are addressed from the top of Nelson's Column by Sirius, Lord of the Dog Star, an extraterrestrial dog. Every dog perceives him as a dog of his own breed. Sirius invites them all to travel back to his home where they will be safe from the dangers of nuclear war on Earth, not to mention the whims and potential abuse of humans. Some dogs are for this, some against, but in the end all the dogs agree that Pongo, known for his braininess and heroism, should make the decision.

Pongo joins in a conference with Cadpig and her "cabinet" discussing whether to go with Sirius or not. Then three skinny, mixed-breed strays arrive and ask to be heard. Pongo is sure that they will want to go with Sirius, but they want to stay on earth and someday have owners of their own. Pongo tells Sirius the dogs cannot abandon their humans and the Dog Star sadly accepts the decision. Before he leaves, he grants every dog the power to reach his home before the humans wake up. All the stray dogs take the opportunity to go to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.(plot synopsis via wikipedia)

Monday, January 27, 2014




from left to right;
I am afraid to hold my boyfriend’s hand.
My friend’s parents sent her away.
I found death threats in my locker.
I submitted to electroshock therapy.
I lost half my friends after coming out.
My grandmother sends me hate mail.
My school won’t let me take my date to prom.
I am not here anymore.
My dad tried to beat it out of me. 
No one is proud of me.
This showed up on my blog again. Forever reblog.
The “I am not here anymore.” 

Oh my. This hit hard.

i don’t even care that this isn’t black and this

From left to right;

"I am afraid to hold my boyfriend’s hand."

"My friend’s parents sent her away."

"I found death threats in my locker."

"I submitted to electroshock therapy."

"I lost half my friends after coming out."

"My grandmother sends me hate mail."

"My school won’t let me take my date to prom."

"I am not here anymore."

"My dad tried to beat it out of me."

"No one is proud of me."


thrift store find

“Organic Girl”:

"Organic girl dropped by last night
For nothing in particular
Except to tell me again how beautiful and serene she feels
On uncooked vegetables and wheat germ fortified by bean sprouts—
Mixed with yeast and egg whites on really big days—
She not only meditates regularly, but looks at me like I should
And lectures me about meat and ice cream
And other aggressive foods I shouldn’t eat."

Strangely enough the gipper never mentioned Juke Girl while campaigning

I'm suddenly delayed going into work this morning due to throwing my back out.  While I'm sitting on a heating pad TCM is airing Juke Girl.  I'd neither seen nor heard of it before

Ronald Reagan takes the side of repressed migrant labor farmers against rigged big business while falling for a drink hustling, dime-a-dance redhead.  How would that have gone over with the tea party?

So how's your Monday going?



muntoon…a “splash” of gin…?

Ms Kulp to you.,

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Barbara Gordon

The early years

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