Monday, November 30, 2015

So how's your Monday going?


Rage. Confusion. Self-Hate. He channels all his bitter emotion like a laser into his fist and pummels the basement punching bag, imagining it as this other self, this part of him he wants to kill. His mind storms “I’m not a fuckin faggot!” Though he just can’t stop thinking about his dad’s cock.

Caught this one over the holiday weekend

Not to bad, 

Ask yourself,  Did you at least try?

Pretty much

1st Monday back at work; a summary.

Twice as nice,

He finally made it.
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Some facts

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The second one is VERY important; *** being ostracized is more mentally damaging than being bullied. ***
Don’t know how many ways I can say this; being told “go away”, ignored completely when you speak, being chosen last for teams all say “you are worthless to us”
Kids think they are being nicer by not picking on someone that annoys them, and they are right. However, at least when a child is being picked on, however horribly, it means their existence has been noticed and has caused a reaction.
The cool kids hate it when the teachers pick the teams or assign students to work together in group. The ostracized kids are always relieved (of course by this point many would rather work alone after years of being rebuffed). 
We need to teach our children not only to not bully and belittle, but to also be inclusive; to respond in some sort of non-negative way to kids they would rather ignore. It’s not easy, but being told by a peer that they are worthy of positive notice could improve - and maybe even save - a life.

Also I find the first one one do the biggest hindrances to dating gay men.

Bedeviled Rabbit (1957)

Bedeviled Rabbit (1957)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today's manmuffin

Let's always be thankful for them.
Happy Birthday Tesla

The most hardcore handshake of all time. 



Ya dun good


Puppy’s first experience with air conditioning. video

the view, sideways
Louise Brooks in Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)

Louise Brooks in Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)

Excited for Thanksgiving?

If you really want to work up an appetite, check out this playlist of other Thanksgiving-themed films recently digitized by our Motion Picture Preservation Lab and now on the U.S. National Archives’ YouTube Channel.

Cactus cupcakes.

Your assignment for today is to use the above phrase as an expletive at least once.

Less prickly, lower carb cakes

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Wet and reflected.



The Blues Brothers - Carrie Fisher

Ms. Fisher to you

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