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short and stocky is so perfect.

It's shorts season again!

Are you my mother?

llbwwb:  Todays Cuteness,for the dog lovers:) Ouch! English bulldog and cayuga duckling by Kelli Riley .

Early signs

I remember seeing this as a very young child, and thinking even then, it was an important event.

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Quiet moments of comtemplation

So necessary for the soul.

Small facts that my mind has held on to, #37


According to Uncle Mame, The life of Patrick Dennis,  Edward Everett (Pat) Tanner III (real name) wore specially tailored, possibly self invented, similarly constructed dress shirts that buttoned  at the crotch to be used doubly as underpants.  Thus he kept his shirts tight, slim and fitted while preventing them from billowing.  Having worked for years to get an athletic V shape developed I always thought this was a good idea for showing it off in dress clothing

Owning a dog

Is it for you?

Now we are five.

It was five years ago today I began this little online rant space, never realizing I'd develop so many online and real life relationships with such great folk.  To everyone that's stopped by, thank you!

Come out come out wherever you are!

 And from those of you that have stopped by, but  never posted I'd love to hear from you!

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Self photography

young n’ meaty!

aaaaand i need new pants.  great.  thanks tumblr.

Let's give thanks for hobbies.

No counter space, no refridgerator...

1936 Yellow Armstrong Kitchen with Geraniums

But I'd take it as a butlers pantry en route to a serviceable kitchen, especially for that stove!

You Drive me up the wall!

My younger brother and I still reference this video to this day

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Vocabulary lessons

As my blog indicates I do not suffer fools well and frequently I am sorely tested on this point. last week a certain local sportscaster who considers himself the cats meow clumsily hit on me in our gym locker room.

It was neither pleasant nor flattering.

Having long been allergic to any interaction with pompous assholes.  I put an end to the rather one sided conversation by stating "Sorry hon, I don't date outside my species" and hopefully thought that was that.

But the end was not in sight!  Now I find I am being accused of being a racist.  It seems our sports news commentator is incapable of distinguishing between the words "species" and "race".  Now,  let me state for the record that I have, and in all probability will again,  dated and bedded a variety of different races of men. Men, being the key word here. I have yet  to stray outside of the human species to say, wolfhounds or holsteins.  As cute as animals are, I'm just not that into them.


What confuses me in this situation,  is what playing the race card will gain for my new suitor.  It's not as if he was turned down for a job or apartment whereby he could file a suit and have a court official order me to copulate with him.  Furthermore in order to press his case it will have to come out that he believes I have spurned him because he is black.  If this is made known, I am sure that his wife, children and probably the PR folk at his news station will want to know why he is quizzing men in locker rooms as to whether they will sleep with him or not, and how much race plays a factor in deciding.
Is anyone really going to come out the winner here?

So how's your Monday going?

we won the game dude, it’s on!